Let’s Get Some More Amateur Pussy!

Let’s do some pussy typing people! Here’s some amateurs showing off their pussy to get things rolling. These pictures came from gfspass.com by the way.A young teen with a shaved pussy is a good place to start! She has an average sized clam and possibly small pussy lips. It looks like she has a very long clit hood that could be covering a lot of her lips. Nice pink color and a little glimpse of her anus. Very cute.

This pussy looks like it is on its period. We don’t see a lot of period pussy pictures. Maybe because the sight of blood is off putting to people. It shouldn’t be though. Having a period and expelling the old uterus walls is how a woman’s vagina works! And we should all be very thankful that it does work. Congratulations for being brave and showing a picture of your beautiful pussy having its period. I like how we can see into her vagina hole a little and the blood inside her. I also like this pose a lot. Sitting her butt on her feet shows a little of her anus and perineum. The fact that she’s pulling up on her clit helps to open her pussy up a little more for us to see below her lips. A wonderful amateur picture!!

Now here’s a thick pussy! Her pussy lips are meaty and full. I like the brown coloring of them too. They nicely ‘frame’ the pink inside of her vagina hole.

Not much to say about her pussy, other than its shaved on the lips and has a landing strip of hair. It’s the picture of her blindfolded that is enticing!

Some people like to be tied up and bound for sex. This girl is clearly tied to expose her anus for entry. I’m sure vaginal sex is possible in this position too. It is hard to tell how young she is from this picture but according to the site it came from no girl is underage. So, it’s safe to assume she did a good job of shaving her pussy clean, rather than her being too young to grow hair on her pussy. We don’t exploit underage pussy here!

Just a regular asian pussy here. Asian’s usually have kinky curly hair on their pussy clam like she does. She did shave her pussy below her clit so we can see her clam and pussy lips better. It looks like she is wet between her lips. Or maybe she just had sex and her vagina is dripping cum. Who knows, but it’s a wonderful shot of her fresh and ready pussy!

A fun handstand from this naked teen shows how much fun it can be to show off your pussy! I really like her landing strip haircut and her closed up clam.

These pictures came from gfspass.com. They were not submitted by the pussytypes community. So send your pussy in! Just reply to this post and we’ll make it a link to the Amateurs page later.


Two Very Different Young Teen Pussy Clams

I’m sometimes amazed at how different pussys are. Here’s a good example of two young girls (not too young, don’t worry! We don’t post pre 18 year old photos.)This young lady has almost not clam and tiny little pussy lips. She is tanned all over, including her anus and her lips if you can believe it! Only a subtle pink is visible on the inner side of her pussy lips. We do see a little girlcum – wetness inside her vagina hole.

Now this girl is VERY young looking! No matter, look at her closed up clam pussy. No visible lips! Her clam is puffy and pink. Her clam is slightly wrinkled too, almost like a clam from an older woman. Goes to show that you just can’t expect what a woman’s pussy will look like until you see it up close!


Just A Great Milky Girlcum Pussy!

Just a quickie, but a goodie!I can hear it now, “That’s gross!” or “That’s fake!” or “Who wants to eat that?” Well, I think girlcum is great! A naturally wet vagina is a good thing and we should all appreciate it every chance we get!

Notice how intricate the folds of her lips are. Her clam actually closes over most of her lip in other pictures. See her sample shoot with more shots of her delicate pussy.


Veronika FTV Girl Shows off Her Pink Pussy

Veronika isn’t afraid of using her pussy!Finger up her ass and two in her vagina. No problem!Hosing out her teen vagina. No problem!Showing her anus and vagina hole spread open. You bet!I like how pink her pussy is throughout. Even her anus is a nice pink once she spreads it a little. Nicely shaved and ‘ready’ for something fun!