Characterizing Pussies

Every pussy is different but there are characteristics about each that we can use to group them into different categories.  Categories are based on different attributes of the parts of the pussy.  There are primary and secondary attributes as well, getting more and more specific going down the list.  For example in every-day terms you you could say a pussy is; shaved, has no clam, big and brown inner lips, and a small pink hole – and it would make sense to someone else.  Or you could get really specific and describe everything!

Tier 1 attributes (sizes and colors of primary pussy parts):

  • Hairy: natural, trimmed areas, shaved clean
  • Outer labia (clam) size: none, medium, puffy
  • Inner labia (lip) size & color: small, medium, large ; skin, pink, brown ; smooth, wrinkled
  • Vagina hole (hole) size & color: small, medium, large ; pink, white, brown

Tier 2 attributes (more subtle pussy parts, textures):

  • Perineum (taint) qualities: smooth, some labia, all labia (lips extend to anus)
  • Clitoris (clit) & hood: no clit hood, clit hood, small clit, medium clit, large clit
  • Outer labia (clam) texture: smooth, wrinkly
  • Inner labia (lip) texture: smooth, wrinkly
  • Vagina hole textures, qualities: smooth, wrinkled ; dry, moist, creamy

Unique attributes (other notable characteristics):

  • Pushed out vagina – inner portion of the vagina hole extends out beyond the lips or taint

Here is a pussy, top up, with the different parts of the anatomy labeled:

And here is a pussy bottom up: